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To have a quality life you need quality of life

Quality of life chiropractic care is the pinnacle of chiropractic care within the chiropractic paradigm.  It does not solely rely on pain or postural findings, but rather on how a persons life can be positively influenced through regular adjustments.  Built on the premise that in order for a person to live they require four major inputs - healthy nutrition, healthy exercise, healthy thoughts and healthy nerve supply a persons lifestyle is examined and areas of improvement identified.

A series of regular adjustments is programmed and continual advice on life improvement is given.  It is designed as a long term approach and gains its strength from the regularity of its delivery.  Just as regular trauma, toxins, and stress can destroy the body - regular health focussed exercise, whole body adjustments, eating and emotional release will build, strengthen and allow the body to thrive.

As By the Bay Chiropractic at Victoria Point is primarily a quality of life family centered corrective chiropractic clinic a regular adjustment membership program is available to individuals or families.  These memberships greatly reduce the cost of regular chiropractic care. 

A fee is charged at the start of a twelve week block that covers the individual or family for that period of care.  Weekly adjustments are pre-booked, with additional visits being scheduled at the discretion of the chiropractor.  A review is conducted towards the end of each block.

Adjustments are receipted at the end of the period at the normal adjustment rate, up to the value of the membership for the individual or members of a family.

In order to qualify patients must attend an introductory workshop.

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